There is a story down every dirt road.

Luke and Ardelle Baldwin had a desire to spread wide roots that would grow into something beautiful, breathing life into the community they loved.

As they surveyed the landscape of Western Loudoun County, their respect for the hard working farmers paired with Luke's entrepreneurial spirit sparked the vision for Loudoun Stay. Approaching the challenge to create a business that would sustain and support Loudoun's farming community, wineries, and local business owners while also maintaining slow growth that would honor the land, the Baldwins chose to link arms with their neighbors.

They partnered with estate owners to help preserve family legacies which, in turn, provided luxury accommodations for guests from around the globe.

By working with local businesses to create amazing bespoke experiences for Loudoun Stay guests, the Baldwins were able to highlight hidden Loudoun gems and create new job opportunities across the county.

LoudounStay's purpose is to enable our guests to discover, acknowledge, preserve, and enjoy Loudoun County's history, beauty, people, and culture.