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Explore Loudoun County, Virginia, the best place to visit in Virginia within the rolling hills of Shenandoah Valley. This charming region offers a truly unique and elevated country experience away from the chaos of city life. Join us as we explore the best of Loudoun County and discover how you can book an unforgettable experience with LoudounStay.

Things to Do in Loudoun County

Virginia Wine Country

Loudoun County is renowned for its thriving wine industry. With over 40 award-winning wineries throughout the region, wine lovers are in for a treat at the various Loudoun County wineries. We recommend visiting Breaux Vineyards, Bluemont Vineyards, and Chrysalis when you visit the area.

Step into a world of sophistication and charm as you tour the sprawling vineyards, each radiating a unique blend of history and craftsmanship.

Virginia Horse Country

For the equestrian enthusiast, Loudoun County’s horse country is a dream come true. Experience the world of equine elegance as you explore the beautiful countryside on horseback. Experience the thrill of horse racing at the iconic Morven Park International Equestrian Center and feel the excitement as you watch horses race around the track. 

Outdoor Activities in Loudoun County

If you crave adventure, Loudoun County has plenty to offer. Enjoy a scenic hike along the breathtaking trails of the Blue Ridge Mountains or kayak along the pristine waters of the Potomac River. If tranquility is what you seek, cast your line into one of Loudoun County’s serene lakes and embrace the silence on the water. Find solace in the stillness as you wait with for a gentle tug on your line. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you reel in your prized catch, connecting with the age-old tradition of this timeless sport. 

Loudoun County History

Begin your historic adventure in the small town of Leesburg, you’ll be captivated by its colonial-era buildings and the stories they tell. Learn the history of President James Monroe at Oak Hill Estate, where his life and legacy are celebrated. Walk in the footsteps of this influential statesman and see for yourself the grandeur of his estate. Let yourself be swept away by a captivating narrative about a nation’s birth and one man’s triumphs and challenges. Step back in time as you explore the magnificent Oatlands Historic House and Gardens, a National Trust property that dates from the 19th century. Stroll through manicured gardens, take a tour of the house, and learn about the history of Oatlands.

The LoudounStay Way

At LoudounStay, we are committed to providing our guests with luxurious rentals and unforgettable experiences. Our elegant properties are carefully curated to offer a perfect blend of comfort and sophistication. From stunning country estates to cozy cottages, each rental is designed to provide an exclusive and memorable stay for our guests.

To enhance your experience even further, our LoudounStay executive concierge services are available to cater to your every need. Whether it’s arranging a private winery tour, organizing a horseback riding excursion, or booking a reservation at one of the region’s finest restaurants, our dedicated team is here to ensure that your stay is truly exceptional.

For those seeking the perfect venue to host Virginia corporate retreats, look no further than one of the best Loudoun County event spaces, the Charging Lab. In the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, on 97 acres that overlook the gorgeous Shenandoah Valley, this extraordinary space offers a safe, open, and unique environment for teams to gather and connect.

Featured Rentals

bedroom of The Lodge

The Lodge at Bear Rock

The Lodge at Bear Rock is a tranquil Virginia vacation rental for those who seek to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life. This rustic yet refined cabin, within the serene beauty of Loudoun County’s beautiful countryside, offers an extraordinary escape where the comforts of home meet the wild beauty of nature. Step inside The Lodge at Bear Rock, and the warmth of a crackling fireplace will immediately welcome you. Venture outside and discover the outdoor hot tub, hop in, and let the warm water bubble around you as you gaze up at the stars. It’s time to escape, reconnect with nature, and enjoy yourself in the serenity that awaits at The Lodge at Bear Rock. 

Bluemont Belle

Looking for the ideal spot for a retreat in Virginia Wine Country with your friends? The Bluemont Belle presents guests with an enchanting panorama of the Virginia countryside. As you arrive at this charming farmhouse, its rustic feel invites you to embrace a blend of charm and contemporary comforts. Unwind on the sprawling front porch, savor a glass of local wine, or go on a walk around the property. Bluemont Belle also offers easy access to a host of nearby attractions. Offering a unique blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication, this beloved farmhouse invites you to experience a world where luxury and comfort go hand in hand. 

Bluemont Belle living room
Meadowbrook Estate common room

Meadowbrook Estate

Lush green landscapes and rolling hills surround this Meadowbrook Estate, and its stunning architectural details speak of a time when craftsmanship and artistry were paramount. Step inside Meadowbrook, and you’ll be greeted by sunlit living areas, and spacious bedrooms, and outside, a private swimming pool awaits you. Meadowbrook offers a private tennis court where you can engage in friendly competition and after, retreat to the outdoor entertaining area.

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With our commitment to quality and comfort, LoudounStay ensures a memorable experience in one of Virginia’s most picturesque regions, whether for leisure or business. Book your visit with us today for a seamless trip!

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