The Perfect Getaway

The Lodge at Bear Rock is clean, spacious, and has a beautiful view. But, these aren’t the reasons to book here instead of other houses! We have been to the area multiple times and there are a few things that set this lodge apart. 1.) The driveway, while long, is not treacherous. I’ve driven paths that would be harrowing in the winter and knock your teeth out in the summer. 2.) The common areas are large. We’ve stayed in houses that sleep 10 people and there’s one small couch in a tiny living room. Not conducive to together at all! This lodge has plenty of seating, comfortable blankets, and a floor plan that makes family time easy. 3.) All of the amenities listed are well-stocked and ready for you to use. Nothing is more frustrating that going to a property that boasts tons of deck space, fire pits, grills…and when you get there everything is dirty, empty, and clearly not a host priority. At the Lodge at Bear Rock, they clearly pay special attention to their outdoor spaces. The deck and outdoor tables and chairs are ready to go after a quick wipe down from a few hours of outdoor fluff. The fire pit has plenty of chopped wood ready to go. Charcoal is plentiful for the grill. The bathrooms have more towels, washcloths, soap, and lotion than you need. 4.) The lodge is perfectly located not only for access to stores and eateries, but also for peace and quiet. It’s so nice to be 10 minutes from a store while hearing nothing but the rustling of the trees when you are out on the deck. We have yet to find a spot as quiet as this. We have stayed in Front Royal during past visits to have close access to Shenandoah National Park, but the hum of Route 66 just beyond the river ruins our respite. We will gladly stay at the lodge anytime we are visiting and drive the 25 extra minutes to the park to have the peace and beauty of this spot.